Rainbond Roadmap

This document defines the roadmap for Rainbond development.

5.0 (预计2018年12月12日发布release)

  • 服务网关rbd-gateway发布
    • 更好的支持Openresty, 严格保证数据一致性。
    • 更好的支持多节点集群,将集群数据更改模式从Push更改为Pull并就近缓存
    • 进一步简化服务网关模块复杂度
    • 支持IP池管理和分配
    • 支持Http高级路由设置
    • 支持Https和证书自动生成
    • 支持泛域名和域名rewrite
    • 支持ingress资源
  • 支持helm部署
    • 应用运行时应用控制部分增加对自定义k8s资源的支持。
    • 应用模块增加基于helm源码构建应用。
    • 应用核心抽象更改-应用市场、应用备份等逻辑跟随修改。
  • 升级默认Kubernetes版本到 v1.10及以上 并支持社区版本
    • 应用运行时增加对kubernetes的存储、网络的深入支持
    • 应用部署逻辑、升级逻辑尽使用kubernetes的控制逻辑
  • 升级默认Docker版本到 v17.09及以上 并支持社区版本
    • 应用运行时日志处理部分重新实现
  • 安装流程优化
    • 支持基于已存在kubernetes集群或docker安装

关于更多 Rainbond 5.X RoadMap 的讨论和需求收集

V3.7 2018-08-15

About system stability

  • [x] management service progress guardian by systemd uniformly.
  • [x] support management node offline.
  • [x] support for all node and management service health checks.
  • [x] support for automatic offline of major fault nodes.
  • [x] tenant resource statistics task single node run.
  • [x] Support to set alarm rules and connect Prometheus-Altermanager alarm system

About application manage

  • [x] support .netcore(2.1) source code build application in linux os.
  • [x] support SVN code repository.
  • [x] support application build automatically based on API ,gitea webhook and gogs webhook
  • [x] support application + plugin share to market

About Security policy upgrade - [x] Region api support TLS Two-way authentication - [x] [UI] support user registration for secondary verification by manager.

About install - [x] Support complete offline installation - [x] Support install mulit manage nodes

History version


Estimated release time: 2018-06-15
The current version focuses on supporting the infrastructure of the microservice architecture, service governance, service backup & restore & migration.

  • [x] Support the ServiceMesh micro service framework out of the box
    • [x] Support Application for grayscale publishing and A/B testing
    • [x] Support Limiting and Circuit breaker
    • [x] Support Intelligent routing
    • [x] Support flow analysis that differentiates sources,This is shown in the topology
  • [x] Support Application group backup and restore
  • [x] Support Application group migration across datacenters and across tenants
  • [x] Support share plugin to market and install from market
    • [x] MySQL backup and restore plugin
    • [ ] PostgreSQL backup and restore plugin
    • [ ] MongoDB backup and restore plugin
    • [ ] Log collect plugin
    • [x] WAF plugin
  • [x] Support Export applications from the application market
    • [x] Export dockercompse specification
    • [x] Export rainbond-app specification
  • [x] Support batch offline import applications to the application market
  • [x] Management service HA support
    • [x] Region DB support CockroachDB
    • [x] UI DB support TiDB
  • [x] Support auto-building based on git webhook
  • [x] Support In-station letter announcement
  • [x] Monitoring module automatically finds monitoring targets and automatically configures them
    • [x] Compute node monitoring
    • [x] Management service monitoring
  • [x] Accurate user permission control, support custom roles
  • [x] Update rbd-dns to support for custom generic domain name resolution and cluster level one domain default resolution