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Introduction to Procfile

A Procfile is Rainbond's code-based strategy for specifying how a service should run.It is an ordinary text file, which needs to be placed in the root directory of the code, and its content is the startup command that defines the running of the service built from the source code.Usually only one line of information is enough, see example:below

  • Java language type, defines the startup command to run the War package
web: java -jar /opt/webapp-runner.jar --port $PORT --session-store redis ./*.war
  • Execute binaries directly, such as nginx
web: vendor/bin/heroku-php-nginx
  • Execute startup scripts, such as Maven-generated Tomcat Java Server scripts
web: sh target/bin/webapp
  • start the ruby project
 bundle exec bin/rails server -p $PORT -e $RAILS_ENV

You may have noticed the environment variable $PORT , which specifies the listening port for the service.When Rainbond runs the service, it will automatically inject this environment variable with the port information set by the user.Through the above types of startup commands, the flexible configuration of the service listening port is realized.Similar mechanisms can also be used for almost all language service types such as Tomcat startup.

Procfile format description

<Service Type>: <Command>
  • <服务类型> : Currently only web service type is supported

  • <命令> : The command line to start the program, the executed command must be running in the foreground.