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3. Deploy a Mysql service


Learn how to deploy applications with one click through Rainbond's unique application marketplace mechanism.


This is a very fast deployment method. Compared with deploying a single service component, this deployment method can quickly deploy a complete business system containing multiple service components.Various advanced scenarios based on Rainbond are based on the application market.


  • Complete team management and multi-tenancy.Finish creating the first team.

  • The Rainbond cluster has been installed, or the Rainbond Cloud public cloud service has been connected.

  • Complete the certification of application market - cloud synchronization.

Create components based on app marketplaces

  • Under the specified team page, click to add,to create a componentbased on the application market.

  • Select the application template you want to install. In the example of the document, take MYSQL-Percona branch stand-alone version v5.7.23 as an example.

  • Click to install, select version and apply.

  • Confirm installation

The installation is complete

After a short period of waiting, the Mysql5.7 (stand-alone version) was installed.

At this point,I already have two service components in my first application.

Next step

Next, we will explore how to connect Java demo examples, Mysql5.7 (stand-alone version) to form a application, in Rainbond, we call it composed of one or more service components, which have The interconnected relationship of the entire business system is a application.