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Contribute documentation

Rainbond Documentation Contribution Guidelines

Rainbond documentation, including all documentation for Rainbond 5.x

This website uses the Hugo Framework Docusaurus 2 Documentation Framework.

How to develop?


Make sure your development environment has the following software:


If yarn install is slow, you can try configuring Taobao Registry.

$ yarn config set registry

Install initialization

$ git clone
$ cd rainbond-docs
$ yarn install

local start

$ yarn start

will automatically open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser

Local production test starts

Use the following command to simulate a production test launch locally

$ yarn serve --build .

Participate and contribute

The old version of the documentation is no longer maintained, only the Current version is maintained.

Fork the Rainbond-docs repository to your own repository, modify the document and submit it to your own repository, submit a Pull Request to Rainbond-docs

Content requirements

The documents in Rainbond are divided into conceptual documents operational guidance documents and best practice documents different document types.When writing a document, please specify the type of document, and determine the content of the article according to the effect that different types need to achieve.

Typesetting requirements

  • Chinese and English must be separated by spaces, and they can also be wrapped in backticks ``

    For example:I deploy xxx on Rainbond, I deploy xxx on Rainbond

  • The word Rainbond appears in the document, and the R must be uppercase.

  • The title is preferably 1 2 3 4, and the fifth or sixth title should be avoided as much as possible. If there is too much content, it can be added.

  • The name of the title should be clear at a glance

  • The imported image format is as follows


    <!-- also works -->
    <img src="" width="100%" title="API架构" />
  • The citation format for the link is as follows

    1. Refer to other documents in the document to use relative paths, refer to docusaurus document
    2. Referring to external links must include http or https

    <!-- also works -->
    <a href="" target="_blank" />
  • The imported video formats are as follows

    import Bvideo from "@site/src/components/Bvideo";
    <Bvideo src="//"/>
  • Use of Code Blocks Reference Docusaurus Code Block

  • Documents contain "Instructions to users" to use Docusaurus Notice

Add MD file

If you need to add new files, add them to the corresponding directory in the docs/ directory, and fill in the new file names in sidebars.js in order, please refer to Docusaurus Sidebar.