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Version Changes (5.3.3-5.4.0)

new features

  • 【Compatibility】Support Kubernetes connection and use of 1.20-1.22;
  • [Team management]Optimize the display information of the team view;
  • [Application management]Support application setting logo;
  • [Component management]Supports obtaining compressed packages from object storage for source code construction;

Optimization function

  • [Performance]Optimize the display speed of the team page;
  • [Installation]Optimize the novice guide strategy for offline installation;
  • [Installation]Optimize the cluster detection script;

BUG fix

  • 【Compatibility】the problem of incompatibility with k8s 1.16-1.18;
  • [Security]Upgrade the nginx version of the gateway to prevent CVE-2019-9511, CVE-2019-9513, CVE-2021-23017 security vulnerabilities;
  • [Component library management]Fix the problem that the helm application installation prompts that the application store does not exist;
  • [Application Management]Fix the problem that the application cannot be rolled back normally;
  • [Application Management]the problem of abnormal installation of some application servers;
  • [Team management]Fix the paging problem of the team list;
  • [Component management]Fix the problem that multiple gateway policies of components cannot take effect at the same time;
  • [Application Management]the problem that some application installation servers are abnormal;